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Image by Nathaniel Yeo
Welcome to The Ferretry.

Our journey with ferrets began in 2012 when we first decided to take in two standard jills from someone locally who had to find them a new home.

Since then, we've had many groups over the years of both hobs and jills as pets only before moving into working ferrets in 2019. 

In 2022 we decided to start breeding for ourselves and our own working lines. 

We focus primarily on strong, healthy types and sweet, docile temperaments. Our ferrets are our pets first and foremost and are raised around our family. So the ability to be handled happily is paramount. 

Image by Steve Tsang
Our Lines 🧬

We currently work with a few different projects within our lines and focus mostly on our sables, silvers, and champagnes.
Our micro ferrets are our passion project and they are our personal preference for working.

You can read our article on micro ferrets and our goals HERE.

We focus on temperament, workability, and health as a base, with colour and coat type being our last priority.

Our Sables and Silvers are one in the same line. We never breed Silver to Silver under any circumstances.

Due to recessives, we do occasionally get other coat colours.

Moving on to our "Sandy" line, this is a pet project where we focus on type more so than colours, so a bit everything can be found in here.

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