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Rat Rehoming Information

We're currently running a waiting list for our rat and mice kits. Simply fill out an application form linked below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.​

While we are happy to help when we can, we do expect those wishing to apply to already be reasonably well informed and have a good knowledge of rat husbandry, what is and isn't a suitable cage/enclosure, what kind of food you will be feeding, and what type of bedding you plan to use.
You should also know of a vet that will treat rats in case of an emergency.

We highly recommend the Facebook group Practical Rodent Breeding for questions and advice.

To be considered as a home for our kits, you MUST:

  • Be over 18 years old. If you're applying for someone under 18 then you must be prepared to be the sole carer of the rats if the situation calls for it.

  • Already have an appropriate cage/set up. Our friend at Silver's Rattery wrote a great guide to cages which can be found here.

  • Know of and, preferably, be registered with a vet that will treat rats.

  • Fill out our online application, which can be found below.

Our sales contract can be found HERE, and our liability waiver is available HERE. These are two important documents that you MUST read and agree to. If you wish to proceed with rehoming rats from us, it will be presumed that you have read and agreed to both documents.

General Terms
  • Our rats are ready to leave at 8 weeks old or older. Dwarfs are ready to leave at 10-12 weeks. We may let kits go at 6 weeks old (as this is standard for rats), but this is at our own discretion.

  • All rats must be rehomed in same-sex pairs (2) or larger groups. We advise a trio so that in the event of death or ill health, the remaining rats are not left alone.
    We do not sell single rats under any circumstances.


  • All adopters must be 18 years old or older, or have a parent or guardian apply on their behalf. In the later case, the guardian or parent must be the one to accept full responsibility for the rats where the person they're purchased for cannot/will not look after them properly.

  • You MUST agree to all of the terms, conditions, and contracts before rehoming a rat from us. You must read, agree to and sign our Adoption Contract & Liability Waiver before your purchase/reservation is finalised.

  • All rats are rehomed are done so as PETS ONLY. They will be placed under a no-breeding contract.
    We are happy to work with other breeders and encourage new breeders to get into the hobby. We just ask that you're honest with your intentions.


  • We keep a detailed and extensive pedigree record for every litter and every rat here. We only offer these pedigrees to other breeders.
    For pet placement, we do not provide this. Instead, you will receive a birth certificate detailing the parents only.

Pricing & Payment Policies
  • We charge a single, flat rate, of £30 per rat. This is reflective of how long we have worked with our lines, not of variety for which we don't charge for variations.
    This is subject to change as our lines become longer and more established.

  • We require a deposit on each group of rats upon reservation, this is non-refundable.
  • In the case of courier, all fees are non-refundable.
    Couriers are a third party and we are not responsible for them and their fees.
Collection Policies
  • Once the rats are ready to collect, you will have 7 days to collect them. If you have paid in full, we can hold them for up to 14 days. If you need rats to be held longer than this, we will recommend waiting for a later litter.

  • After the 7 days have passed with no correspondence, the sale will be cancelled, the rats will return up for sale, and you will forfeit your deposit.
    This also applies to the full purchase price and 14 day rule.


  • In cases of emergencies (we understand life happens) that may effect pick up, we may make a case by case exception.

  • In non-emergency cases where you aren't able to stick to your agreed pick up date and time, you MUST inform us at least 24 hours before, otherwise we may not be able to reschedule your pick up and you will lose your chosen rats and deposit.

All we truly ask is that you keep in contact. As people with a big family and a busy life, we understand that not every day is plain sailing. we can, of course, make exceptions when it comes to cancellations.

Our policies are strict simply due to past experiences.

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