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Welcome! ☕

This is something I've been meaning to start for such a long time. I guess about two years now?! But...*drum roll*

Welcome to the Teapot blog! This is where I will be posting updates and news regarding the goings on at the stud.

I will be keeping my posts between sections of the stud dedicated to the species I work with. One post for the rabbitry updates, one post for the rattery updates, etc. I feel like this will keep me both sane and stop me from rambling too much.

But for some mini-updates, the rat room is currently undergoing a bit of construction. I'm building extra maternity bins and, somewhat countering that, I'm downsizing on my adults. Can your eyes be too big for your rattery? Because I seemed to have kept back some downright ethereal ratties...but then stopped the particular project they belong to 😅

After bringing the first sow of my Cuy project, I'm in the middle of designing and planning the caviary (or, the guinea pig emporium as I like to call it) in preparation for my move and my big Danish road trip 😳 which I will talk about closer to the time (sometime in late September/early October).

I would like to take the time to talk briefly about my plans to relocate. After 5 years of being solely Hastings-based, I'm getting my family and I ready to make a big move from the coast of East Sussex, to...somewhere on the Oxfordshire/Buckinghamshire border. I'm lucky enough to be able to keep my home in Hastings, though. Or at least access to it. Which makes my trips to the continent that much easier as I'll have a pet friendly rest-stop.

I'll make a post detailing a bit more about me, what I do, and things like that a bit later. For now I just wanted to get the blog started and jump on the first stepping stone 🙏🏻

- Ellie

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