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Stud Update #1

Good morning! 🪶

I apologise for my prolonged absence in keeping this blog up to date. Time seems to have slipped away from me, and I've found myself ensconced in a whirlwind of tasks, only managing to share glimpses of our journey on Instagram.

There are many, many updates from the stud. So let's delve into it!

To see the section you're interested in, just click on the links below:

The Rats

Our delightful rat companions have been diligently carrying out their ratty endeavours. We have been blessed in the recent months with the arrival of new rat babies. Our Cinnamon and Russian Silver projects have been at the forefront of said blessings. Between now and June, we will be pairing some of our dwarfs after taking a prolonged break from any dwarfy activities. Varieties that are expected from them will be:

  • Badger and Odd Eye

  • Black Eyed Siamese

  • Black Eyed Marten

We also have Hefty Jeff (Russian Blue Velveteen Dumbo) paired with some ladies. From his litters we're expecting:

  • Agouti and Black

  • Cinnamon

  • Mink

  • Pearl

  • Russian Blue

  • Marble

  • Standard, Velveteen, and Double Velveteen

While I appreciate this sounds like a lot, we are currently breeding to mostly holdback more kits than usual. This is to prepare for an upcoming show that will be taking place in The Netherlands where we wish to exhibit some of our rats.

The Ferrets

Shifting the focus to our beloved ferrets, I am thrilled to announce that we are eagerly anticipating the first litter of 2023. The parents will be Niamh, our Silver Mitt (bred from micro to micro carrier) and the proud father-to-be is a dashing Sable (Polecat) micro, owned by a close friend who initially entrusted Niamh to us. All being well, we will holding back two jills from this litter.

The Flock

Lastly, I am delighted to share that our poultry flock is flourishing. We have our first 2023 clutch of Indian Runner duck eggs in the incubator and are hoping for a successful hatch around the 15th of June. Depending on the success of the hatch, there may be some ducklings available. I am in the process of adding this section to the website.

Everything Else

There are plans to implement a new waiting list for those who are interested in our animals. More details on this will follow soon, however any and all enquiries are welcome via our "Contact" page.

While my updates may have been sporadic, I want to express my sincere appreciation for your understanding and patience during this busy period. Moving forward, I will aim to provide more comprehensive and regular updates about our stud. Your continued support is truly valued.

Wishing you a splendid day!

Warm regards,

- Ellie
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