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Rat Deliveries ✈️ & Project Update

First of all, a big shout out to Roxy and her husband at Lazyday Rats for making all of this happen.

Today, I had an arrival of three dwarfs from Strikon Gonafluf Kru Rattery in Belgium. Pictures are kindly taken by Silver's Rattery, who acted as a rest stop for them before Lazyday made the trip back from the midlands -> to me in Hastings -> then to Folkestone.

I'm so lucky and grateful to be able to work with such nice tempered dwarfs. After my first attempt at working with dwarfs and encountering all sort of behavioural problems, I wanted to source some unrelated and outside bloodlines to add to my current, well established project. Mostly because my numbers are dwindling (even with the recent addition of 10 new dwarf kittens), and I didn't have an adult dwarf buck.

The first addition pictured (above) is an unnamed Agouti Mismarked doe. She's super duper sweet and settling in super well. I offered her some ham once she arrived and she was happy with that. She was originally housed with as standard doe I sent to Silver's Rattery for stud reasons. But she, very unfortunately, developed maternal aggression and lashed out at Roxy once she arrived at my house. In conjunction with this, the aggressive doe also injured this dwarf doe. So, she is now housed with another dwarf. While I would usually run through quarantine measures. I believe the mental welfare of the animal is paramount. While she will still go through quarantine, she'll not go through it alone 💙

One of the two new dwarf bucks is Magnum, a Wedge Blaze Berkshire a.k.a Badger. I don't have much to say about him, he's just super super beautiful 🥰 I'm planning to pair him with a few of my Black-based dwarf does, but I also want to see how his temperament develops.

I've wanted to work with Badger for a long time, but I've not had the room or resources to make it an entirely separate project. It's nice to be able to work with the variety, but also further my dwarf lines.

Lastly, this is Taurus.

He's a juvenile Topaz Variegated Velveteen and he does not love ham.

He's docile but curious, though he's almost exclusively just slept since being here. I'm very interested to see how he develops and I'm hoping to use him in my Topaz Double Velveteen project which consists of dwarfs, dwarf carriers, and standard sizes.

I'm hoping this group will kick start my dwarf project again. I'm so so lucky to have friends who can make it possible 🙏 it makes me more excited for my own continental trips.

- Ellie

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