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Litter Update #1

We've had a dwarf boom in the rat room!

Two litters were born on the 9th and the 15th to two of our dwarf does and Magnum, our Black Blaze Berkshire (Badger) buck.

It's still a bit too early to tell exactly what coat colours the newest litter will be, but we're suspecting our predictions are correct and that both litters are Agouti/Agouti-based.

Litter A2 were the first to be born on the 9th of January and consists of two does and three bucks. They're all Agouti with two being Berkshire, two variegated, and one head spot.

Variegated wasn't something we expected to see, but it is a pleasant surprise!

The does, Agouti Variegated and Agouti Berkshire.

The bucks, Agouti Variegated (l), Agouti Berkshire (m), and Agouti Headspot (r).

Litter B2 were the second to arrive on the 12th of January and consists of one buck and three does.

Separate pictures of them will be taken soon once their coats come through a bit more.


We're very excited to see how the does grow on as we're hoping to keep back one or two over the two litters to help with our plans to produce Blaze in the future. Due to this, we're aiming to holdback the least marked doe(s). As with all of our plans, while we aim to produce specific varieties for our projects, temperament is always our first priority.

There will be an update on these tiny lords and ladies in the next few weeks. Those already on our waiting list for dwarfs have been contacted and availability will be included in the next update.

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