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April Rattery Update

It's been exceedingly busy around here lately!

Between new babies and attending a show in the Netherlands, we're now taking a much needed break before our second human baby arrives. Still, that doesn't stop me from hanging out in the rattery as much as possible.


Litter J2 & K2

Last month we welcomed another litter as part of our "Wedgewood" project. The aim for this litter was to holdback one or two double velveteen does but, as luck would not have it, there only appears to be double velveteen boys.

That aside, there are still some girls we want to hold back for both the "Wedgewood" and "Tea Cake" projects.

Russian Blue Dumbo & Russian Blue Agouti Velveteen Dumbo

BE Siamese, Siamese Velveteen Dumbo, Black Rex, and Agouti Teddy Rex

Currently, all of the girls are spoken for. However there will be some some availability of boys due to not suiting those on our waiting list.

Litter L2 & M2

We also welcomed our two Silvermane litters last month. This is part of a long standing project in collaboration with a friend and private rattery. There will be some availability of females from this litter from the end of May/start of June.

Pictures will be coming soon! They're still a little bit younger than K2 and J2 so I wanted to wait a little bit longer before subjecting them to pictures. It also takes a little while for their Silvermane-ness to come out.

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