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Welcome to The Rattery.

We have been avid keepers and enthusiasts of fancy rats since mid-2011, keeping them on and off over the years.
In October of 2019, after many many months of research, we acquired our first breeding rats from a close friend and fellow breeder.

We decided to start our own lines for a few reasons:

  1. We simply wanted to run our own rattery. We have a vast background in breeding small animals, and wanted to give breeding rats a go. After our first litters, and with the help of our community, we were absolutely hooked! 

  2. There were no well established, ethical breeders in our area which, at the time, was the coastal town of Hastings in East Sussex.
    Unfortunately, our local pet shop and Pets At Home branch were the main outlets for anyone to obtain rats locally, both of which support unethically bred and kept rodents from large scale mills and actively bred aggressive rats.

  3. The good parts of the international rat community are really good! We wanted to grow our own community for breeders and pet owners as well as be part of the international community

Projects & Lines

We are aiming to produce solely dumbo in the future, however, we still have top eared rats within the rattery and probably will for quite some time as we like to work with dumbo carriers in some lines.

We work on all of the below varieties in unmarked/self for the most part as these are our main interest. Though, we do enjoy some marked varieties like Blazed, Variegated, and Downunder.


Things to note:

  • We are aiming to only produce dumbo ears, but often have top eared kits available and in litters.

  • Most lines will be mixed sizes, meaning we will be working with dwarfs, dwarf carriers, and standards in most of our lines.

  • Some projects will be linked to coat types, for example Silvermane will be limited to Black, Russian Blue, and Dark Phase/Light Phase Pearl (Polar Bear). Other projects will not be linked to coat types.

  • We aim to spread our time evenly across projects. As one of us is a stay at home parent, we're lucky to have the time to commit fully to our stud. 

  • What we post to social media will not always be available. Infact, 90% of what we post to our social media will be our keepers. 
    Any available kits will be easy to find, for example, under the "Available" tab on Instagram. 

  • We will only ever breed rats that we like. We don’t and never will breed for public demands or "to order".

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