Service T&Cs

All of the legal and technical bits of our animal boarding services.

General Policies

  1. Our client’s animal(s) are always our first priority, but should anything happen to them or they pass away in our care, Teapot Stud is not liable.

  2. If the client’s pet(s) require medical attention while in our care, we will take them to the client’s vet if they are within a 15 mile radius of the premises. If this isn't possible for any reason, we will take them to our own vet.
    The client will be liable to pay the full bill to the practice, the receipts for treatment will be kept for you and an invoice will be sent to you from the practice.
    We will will follow treatment as recommended by the vet and keep clients informed via the contact information provided to us upon booking.


  3. The client is responsible for supplying Teapot Stud with sufficient quantities of the animal's regular feed. Other equipment such as hammocks, beds, and other home comforts are optional but welcome.

  4. If the client needs to extend their animal(s) time in Teapot Stud's care, they must contact us immediately to ensure that we can accommodate them. The client will be charged the additional days at normal rates (unless they fall on a holiday) and asked to pay this when collecting the pet(s).

  5. We require a 25% non-refundable deposit to be paid within 7 days of each booking. If this is not received within 7 days, we will cancel the booking.
    In the event of the client cancelling the booking, no refund will be made.


  6. The balance of the initial fees are to be paid at the start of your pet(s) stay.

  7. All animals must be free from internal and external parasites. We reserve the right to refuse bookings of any pet(s) should they display these parasites upon arrival. 

  8. For rabbits, we require Myxomatosis and RHD (Myxo-RHD) vaccines are up to date with a valid vaccination. This must be shown prior to booking confirmation.

  9. All clients must alert Teapot Stud of any animal behavioural problems at the time of booking. We will not accept bookings for aggressive rats.
    If not so advised and such problems arise, we reserve the right to cancel current bookings with immediate effect and any future bookings. We reserve the right to take legal action depending on injuries sustained to us.


  10. If a client sustains an injury while on Teapot Stud property, we will not be held liable.

  11. Upon arrival at Teapot Stud, all animals will be given a health check. Should the animal show any sign of illness, parasites, or behavioural issues, we reserve the right to refuse and cancel the booking.

  12. Single enclosure occupancy is limited to bonded groups. If we have to separate groups due to fighting, there will be an additional charge at daily rates for the extra enclosures.

  13. If we cannot get in touch with the client and the the animal(s) have not been collected after 10 days of the collection date, we will assume that the animal(s) has been abandoned and will seek to rehome them.