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Image by Badiuth

A little Bit about us...

Hello and welcome to our little corner of the internet! ☕️

We first established in 2010 with our rabbitry, in the small village of Bishopstone just outside of Aylesbury and under a different name. There, we bred Mini Lops in Blue Eyed White (BEW), Blue, Black, Chocolate, and Lilac in self and tort.
We bred for exhibition with the BRC (British Rabbit Council) and were a member for a number of years.
Our breeding efforts ceased in 2016 due to a house move that didn't allow the continuation of our lines. Though we still kept some of our rabbits, rats, and ferrets as pets.

In October of 2019, out of a small apartment in Hastings, East Sussex we started producing fancy rats as a private hobby after many years of keeping them as pets.
In 2022 we moved back home to Buckinghamshire and started working with ferrets again (after a brief hiatus) and reopened our rabbitry. This time as a closed project and specialising in standard Rex.
We base ourselves out of a working equestrian facility on the beautiful county borders of Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire, in the heart of the Chilterns (approx. 40 miles from central London, 15 miles from Oxford, and 90 miles from Birmingham).

We prioritise temperament, conformation, and health in all of our animals. Only after that do we focus on our favourite coat types and colours.

As a family with small children, it is paramount to us that they are able to be involved with the husbandry of our animals, this is not possible without docile, friendly temperaments.

We do not, never have, and never will actively breed any animals specifically for the pet trade, rather we breed for our own goals and what we want.

Excess stock that are suitable to be rehomed are offered as such to successful applicants.

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