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We are an East Sussex based, family-run stud working with fancy rats and cavies in Texel and Cuy.

We breed specifically for temperament and type with our primary goal of producing outstanding pets.

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welcome to the stud.

Greetings! Welcome to our little corner of the internet! ☕️

We are a small, family-run hobbyist stud based in the beautiful countryside of East Sussex, surrounding the small town of Hastings ⚔️

Temperament, type, and health are at the forefront of our breeding plans, as well as to produce beautiful animals in our favourite varieties 🧬

Established in 2019, and with individual breeding backgrounds spanning over 20 years, we made it our mission to produce fancy rats specifically as family pets. This soon expanded into Texel and Cuy (Giant) cavys.

Our aim is, always, to produce animals for the purpose of family pets. This is the main reason we prioritise temperament above all else.

As a family with small children, it is paramount to us that they are able to be involved with the husbandry of our animals.

- Ellie & João
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